Three simple steps to get
started with a Giving Fund

Whether you're passionate about more help for the homeless, more homes for orphans, or more Bibles for your church, your Giving Fund can get you there. Learn more below, or explore our Essential Guide to NCF's Giving Solutions (PDF).

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Give: Make a tax-deductible gift

After you've opened your Giving Fund, the first thing you'll need to do is donate assets into it. You can give by bank transfer or credit card online, or you can even mail us checks. But the wisest way is to give appreciated assets like stocks, real estate, and business interests, which we liquidate for you. These typically result in much greater tax savings, which means more goes to the causes you care about most.

Grow: Choose an investment option

Now that money is in your Fund, it's time for it to grow. You can select from a range of investment pool options – from conservative to aggressive – that give your Fund the potential to grow tax-free over time so even more may be available for granting. Funds with a balance greater than $300,000 are available for separately managed investment by your professional advisor. Learn more about our:

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Grant: Recommend grants

Now comes the best part ... time to make a big difference for the causes you care about most. Just log in to your Fund, search for a charity, and recommend a grant. Our team ensures the charity meets IRS and NCF granting standards, and we'll mail the checks for you. And, you can go online anytime to see recent activity and even run reports for tax purposes.

You'll also enjoy ...

  • Unlimited grant checks
  • Online reports and history
  • Reliable charity research


  • Anonymous grants
  • Checks sent on specific dates
  • Recurring grant schedules
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