Six Area of Interest Fund Choices

Through Area of Interest Funds, the National Christian Foundation Kentucky seeks to support those charities that minister in six strategic areas. Individual donors may choose to give to these Areas Of Interest Funds through their donor advised fund, or may give directly to any Area of Interest Fund without a donor advised fund. The six Area of Interest Funds are described below:

The Poor and Needy Fund. Jesus equated mercy toward the poor and needy with our love for Him. This Fund is committed to support those ministries that show mercy to the poor and needy in Jesus name. The primary concern is that those in need receive direct help—personally and with compassion.

The Youth Fund. According to George Barna of the Barna Research Group, 'Eighty-five percent of people who make a commitment to Jesus Christ will make it before age 18, or they never will.' This Fund provides grants for ministries that focus on the needs of youth, reaching them for Christ and seeing them grow in their faith.

The Evangelism/Discipleship Fund. Christ's Great Commission was to 'Go and make disciples…' (Matthew 28:19,20). This Fund seeks out those organizations that specifically and directly work to bring people to Christ and/or teach and equip others to bring people to Christ making disciples. In addition, The Fund is committed to ministries with innovative initiatives to strengthen and encourage discipleship including the need for revival, renewal, and spiritual awakening.

The Eastern Kentucky/Appalachian Fund. Eastern Kentucky and the Appalachian region have long suffered under a spirit of poverty and oppression. This fund focuses on financially empowering ministries that are working effectively to bring about spiritual and economic transformation to this important area of our state.

The Prayer Fund. Prayer can be a fragrant offering before the Lord. It can also be a powerful weapon as God's children go to their knees to intercede for the lost and to fight against spiritual wickedness on this earth. This Fund is to support ministries focused specifically on prayer.

The Ecumenical Unity Fund. As the Corinthian church was divided, so often Christians can become divided over denominations or social issues. This Fund encourages the unity of the Body of Christ by supporting the collaborative efforts of ministries working together to further God’s kingdom or a single ministry working to unify the Body of Christ within a community or geographic area.

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