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Every June, we invite you to give out of that abundance with which the Lord has blessed you through our Area of Interest (AOI) Funds Program. While the typical participation level is small, on average one-half of one percent of your fund balance at the time of the assessment, God has used the willingness of those who have participated even in a small way to allow the Foundation to sow strategically and generously across the state. Since 2009, $645,000 has been deployed through this program to Christian ministries in Kentucky advancing the Kingdom! Here are some examples of where these dollars have gone:

$30,000 has gone to ministries teaching job skills and leveraging their relational capital to help those who desire to work find jobs and be equipped to keep those jobs.

$50,000 has gone to help women who want to break free from the adult entertainment industry, giving them a fresh start at life.

$30,000 has gone to feed the elderly poor in Eastern Kentucky who are falling through the cracks of our federal assistance programs.

$57,500 has gone to ministries specifically focused on prayer.  They are praying for healing and breakthrough for individuals, for revival for the state of Kentucky and for all the nations.  They are coordinating the efforts of other intercessors and seeking the heart of our Father in Heaven.

$25,000 has gone to teach God’s word on finances to everyone from pastors and their spouses who are leading congregations to college students just starting their journey of financial faithfulness.

This is just a sampling of how monies given through the AOI Funds are being invested across Kentucky.

So how does the Program work? Here are the steps:

  1. You decide your percentage level of participation, either on your initial fund application or by e-mailing You also have the opportunity to designate which of our AOI funds you want to support, if your assessment or gift is $500 or more. 
  2. The foundation withdraws this percentage from your fund on the assessment date (normally June 30th).
  3. The foundation identifies worthy, effective and accountable local ministries who achieve results in each of the six AOI Funds.
  4. The identified ministries are invited to apply for a grant.
  5. The foundation reviews the applications from the ministries and makes grant awards.
  6. The ministries report back to the foundation to account for their use of the grants.

You also have the opportunity to give into any of these funds throughout the year.  For additional information, to change your selected participation level or to select one of the six AOI funds to give to (if your gift is $500 or more), please contact us at

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