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A teenage violinist. A farmer. A family business. A high-tech couple. These are just a few of the thousands of people experiencing the adventure, purpose, and joy of giving with NCF. They're dreaming big, simplifying their giving, and multiplying their impact for their favorite causes in ways they ever imagined possible.

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Tim Tebow: Creating a brighter day

A Heisman Trophy winner uses a Giving Fund to power his foundation

Former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow, decided to use a Giving Fund as a simpler, less complex alternative to a private foundation. He says, "I chose NCF because it is important for me to team up with an organization that shares the same values I do and truly understands what I'm trying to accomplish.".
Tim Tebow
Anna Lipscomb

A heart for Haiti

A teen raises $90,000 to build four orphanages

Anna Lipscomb was only 11 years old when she first visited Haiti and came face to face with the reality of children living in desperate poverty. But this talented young music artist did not consider herself too young to help the orphans she met there. Determined to make a difference, Anna used her gifts of music to be a gift to the needy. She wrote a song, sold CDs, and used her Giving Fund with NCF to raise over $90,000 ... enough to build four orphanages in Haiti!

The power of non-cash giving

Three givers multiplied their giving impact by giving their businesses, real estate, and stocks before the sale.


"Entrepreneurs outsource many things ... But one thing that I learned is that you can't outsource your values." That's a powerful lesson from Andy Andreas, a business owner who worked with NCF to give his company to us before the sale, save countless taxes, and send an extra $1 million to charity. Read his story (PDF download).


Often using what's in your hand instead of what's in your wallet can make a huge difference when it comes to giving. Austin and Rhoda Heise recognized this and were able to send almost a half a million more to charity by giving their Midwest farm land instead of writing checks from cash. Read their story (PDF download).


Craig and April Chapman were facing the biggest financial opportunity of their careers – one that could change their lives forever. Learn how we helped these two successful software engineers leverage a major liquidity event to have an even greater giving impact than they imagined possible. Read their story (PDF download).

Generosity for generations 

A family patriarch passes on values before valuables

A strong love for Jesus! That’s the Moye family motto and the motivation behind this family’s infectious generosity. And it all started with “Poppy” (Jim Moye), who made it point to pass on his faith. From donating land that was part of the Appalachian Trail to using their Giving Funds to multiply their impact on their favorite ministries, the Moyes are carrying on their giving journey for generations with NCF.


Hope soars!

A couple rises from the ashes to birth new life

With an exquisite voice and a heart to serve God, Kristin Cheng thought her life’s purpose and plan was clear – to serve God through singing. Until a horrific plane crash left her scarred and silent. But through it all, Kristin and her husband, James, discovered new hope through giving and a new song in their hearts – the lullaby of orphans redeemed. Their story is one of hope and triumph, thanks to God's grace and their heartfelt generosity.


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